Themeless Midi (October 2023)

October 25, 2023

I am finding I enjoy making themeless midis, so I present you one for October 2023. When I have a good theme idea, I tend to construct 15x’s and try to get it published. But rather than make similar sized themeless puzzles — which have very little chance of getting published anywhere — it is more refreshing to make it a midi instead. New interesting themes just have not been springing to mind lately so expect more midis and minis in the interim. As a solver, I enjoy doing smaller puzzles anyway so it feels win win.

As a reminder, the puzzles that I post here are also available on Crosswordr, the start-up I am involved with. We have continued to improve that app and I think it is quickly becoming the nicest environment for finding and solving puzzles. Just click on the button labeled Play Full-sized App below to do this puzzle on that site or go to my profile to find all the puzzles I have posted there.

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