Themeless Midi (November 2023)

November 15, 2023

I’m continuing to focus on smaller puzzles which, it turns out, are a lot easier to make than bigger puzzles. I know, it takes me awhile to catch on to these things but that does mean two November puzzles. I’d promise more but with the Thanksgiving holiday on the way, I won’t commit to any such ambition. Stay tuned to this space!

Usually I try to balance out my pop culture references so that both the youngs and olds each get a nod but I did no such thing in this puzzle: many more 20th century references and very few current. As such, it will probably play harder to those of you under 40, depending on how well you know things about 1970’s sitcoms and gymnasts.

My favorite clues are 1-Across (have to start properly!), 8-Down and 23-Down.

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