Unquote #1

November 07, 2022

OK, I know you don’t like quote or quip puzzles: I don’t really either. This was one of the earlier puzzles I constructed, I finished it 9 months ago and submitted it to a publication that took awhile to get back to me (i.e., reject it). In fact, in my note to the editor I specifically said that I knew they didn’t like quote puzzles and I got a humorous response back thanking me for making them chuckle. So there’s that.

Why construct it? Mostly because I have always liked this quote and without giving too much away, it was thematic to the time I created it — and in fact, still relevant 9 months later. Also, I tried to be creative and clue each individual segment of the quote as if it were just a regular word or two: in fact, I clued alternative meanings of the word(s) so the quote would emerge without giving anything away in the cluing. This is why I called it “Unquote #1” although I don’t know that I’ll do another one so the “#1” part may have been overly ambitious.

With all that under-selling preamble, I hope you enjoy solving it as much as I did constructing it!

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