Themeless (June 2023)

June 03, 2023

This 70 word themeless came together pretty quickly, both 20-Across and 49-Across have been in my list of longer phrases for awhile now and it was straightforward building a puzzle around them. After taking a long pause at the beginning of this year, I have now constructed three 15x puzzles in the last six weeks. I feel like I’m getting back into the groove, such as I have a groove to get back into.

I tried to skew the cluing a little on the easier side but as always, your mileage may vary. It was helpful for me to see how the editors of the LA Times puzzles simplified a lot of the cluing in my recently published puzzle. I know I like wordy clues that lean heavily on pop culture and seeing their choices made me endeavor to do a slightly better job of editing that tendency back a bit. It is possible to get too cute, something I think I am guilty of in pretty much every puzzle I make.

I hope you enjoy this effort!

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