Quid Pro is served by Amazon S3 with static pages managed by Siteleaf. The templates and design are based on Cole Townsend’s Balzac theme as ported from Jekyll by Jonnie Hallman.

Quid Pro uses the TypeKit fonts Myriad Pro / Myriad Pro Semi Condensed (from Adobe) and Calluna (from exljbris Font Foundry). Cute icons come from Symbolset’s Air collection.

The content of this site is an amalgamation of a number of different blogs I’ve had over the years. When I transferred everything to Siteleaf I reformatted things a bit, added some imagery and updated dead links; otherwise, I didn’t change the content. Where possible, I’ve cited the original source.

Most of the large header images were taken by me on whatever cellphone I was using at the time (probably a Nokia pre-2008 and an iPhone post-2008). Most of the text was written on some sort of Mac directly into whichever blog service I was using at the time.

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