Easy Peasy

July 28, 2023

I’ve been thinking a lot about how it can be more difficult to make easy puzzles (say Monday NYT), in particular because of how clean the grid needs to be. I don’t know that I succeeded completely with this one but the theme suggested this needed to be a light, early week kind of puzzle. The theme idea started with 46-Across, which I was reminded of recently in a British procedural show (yay Acorn TV!) and had to figure out how to use.

With this post, I am adding Crosswordr as a location for solving my puzzles. This puzzle is hosted here and I will also link to it below via the button labeled Play Full-sized App. I am part of the team building the Crosswordr site and would appreciate it if you would try it out — not just for my puzzles but also for some of the more well known constructors on the platform. I will be hosting more and more of my puzzles over there. To follow me and get alerted when I post new puzzles, just go to my profile and click on the Follow button.

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or play using the in-line applet below:


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