7 Places to Eat in Half Moon Bay

December 28, 2010

Friend of the show Michael Sippey asked me earlier about good restaurants in Half Moon Bay, California. Michael is passing through town with his two daughters and was looking for a good place to eat. Even with the rain expected today, Half Moon Bay is a fun place to visit for a midday drive and bite to eat. Michael’s was not the first such request I’ve received (I’m the Half Moon Bay maven in my social network) and when I realized how many good family restaurants we have here, I thought it was worth a good (SEO-laden) post.

So here goes, my family friendly 7 fun places to eat in Half Moon Bay.

  • Sushi Main Street - This is actually one of my favorite sushi restaurants in the Bay Area, it’s surprisingly good. Kirin on tap and a menu full of interesting dishes beyond all the regulars. You’d expect a seaside town to do good fish.
  • Half Moon Bay Brewing Company - A nice brewpub, very friendly family. The kids can run around and not bother anyone, there’s a big fish tank for them to stare at, good beer on tap for you and a simple menu with good food. Occasional live music. My favorite is the fish tacos, you’d expect a seaside town to do good fish.
  • Sam’s Chowder House - Sam’s is right on highway 1. It’s always very busy and is a grade higher than HMB Brew Pub. Food and drinks are more varied, the view of the ocean is better but it’s more expensive and a bit less kid friendly. Funnily enough, I don’t like their chowder.
  • Tres Amigos - Best tacos ever. For those of you who think the world ends at the Mission.
  • Costanera - A relatively new Peruvian restaurant that’s also directly off highway 1 at land’s end (right before Devil’s Slide). Don’t let the Peruvian scare you, it’s Spanish tapas style and very good bar food. You will not escape without drinking Pisco.
  • Barbara’s Fishtrap - A Half Moon Bay institution and seaside fish place that’s usually crowded and always worth it. They make all of the dishes you’d expect and I really like their chowder. Right across the street from the HMB Brew Pub so you can have a drink in one and grab food in the other. You’d expect a seaside town to do good fish.
  • Mezzaluna - A nice family Italian restaurant where the kids can get simple pasta and you can get a great italian meal. My favorite dish is the lasagne but I’ve never had a bad piece of pasta or pizza here.

Come out and visit. The rain just makes the ocean more interesting.


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